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Three humpback whales and more!

Ship’s path to humpback land

Three humpback whales and more!

With moderate seas and fog in the morning, it was a challenge for Captain Dave and the crew of the Condor Express to find spouts today. But the collective eyeball power on the staff is not to be under estimated. Numerous common dolphins, perhaps 800 or so, were seen along the way out to the east Channel. The fog soon dissipated and sunny skies prevailed. Before long three humpback whales and a Minke whale were observed closely.

The Minke whale was quite friendly (for a MInke) and everyone got great looks. But the real news is that our friendly mother and calf pair have joined up with a third whale, one that we saw earlier this summer, characterized by a prominent prop scar across its back. So now it’s three humpback whales out on the flats.

C’mon out and smell the spout spray!

Best regard Bob Perry Condor Express Odd Jobs

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