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Tomorrow is our last gray whale migration trip.

That’s right. Tomorrow, Saturday May 11 is the last scheduled gray whale migration trip for this season. Henceforth we are out to the open Channel and the Islands in search of the big boys. We expect a multitude of frisk humpbacks to be out there ready to greet the Condor and its passengers. It is the changing of the seasons, marking the arrival of early summer. Looking back, this has indeed been a spectacular gray whale season, both south and north bound. Wow.

Now for today’s report: Deck hand Brooke called in a total of 3 gray whales today which included one cow-calf pair. There was a single juvenile whale and it was both friendly and cooperative. In addition, a whopping total of one bottlenose dolphin joined the party.

Hope to see you soon Bob Perry Condor Express

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