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Two friendly gray whales

2017 02-24 SB Coast

It was a spectacular day along the Santa Barbara coast.  Skies were sunny and nice.  The local hills and mountains are bright green from all the rain.  Winds were light and variable.  On our way out of Santa Barbara Harbor a larger-than-usual number of California sea lions were rafting around the harbor entrance buoy and there was a full crowd on the buoy itself, of course. Later, the biggest sightings of the day were two friendly gray whales

Captain Dave ran the Condor Express up the coast as far as Campus Point, and scoured the inshore regions for migrating gray whales.  At UCSB he veered off to the south and then made a big loop to end up heading east along the 50 fathom line.  All along the route, and this extended several miles offshore, the water itself was very clear, but there was a huge debris layer on the surface.  Floating debris was an awful combination of anthropogenic and natural materials.  The anthropogenic refuse such as plastic bags, bits of Styrofoam, Rubbermaid tubs, and other plastic items that washed out of the gullies and streams when the big rains hit a couple of days ago.  Natural items such as logs, twigs, leaves and masses of wood chips were abundant in the mixture.

Out by Habitat, Dave and his sharp-eyed crew found two gray whales.  These were not fully grown adults, perhaps adolescents.  We had great looks and even a few nice tail flukes were seen by all.

Tomorrow and Sunday our daily trip will be from 9 am to 1130 am.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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