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Whale and dolphin sightings were monumental with great sea conditions.

2017 03-25 SB Coast

Captain Dave and his renowned whale-spotting team ran a pair of “excellent adventures” along the western Santa Barbara shores today.  The ocean stayed glass flat for both trips and the sunny skies afforded spectacular views of the coastline and cetaceans alike.  Whale and dolphin sightings were monumental.  At least 800 or so long-beaked common dolphins and a whopping 12 northbound gray whales were closely watched, in total.

9a Just after leaving the California sea lions on the harbor entrance buoy 2 gray whales were located off the old lighthouse.  We followed these whales up the coast and soon we were joined by at least 200 dolphins.  As noted several times this week, the water has been relatively transparent and provides ample opportunities to view the whales and dolphins (and occasional sea lions) under the surface.  Later in the trip a trio of whales came into view and these, too, were closely watched.

12n Directly south of the Santa Barbara Harbor buoy the first trio of whales seen on this trip came into view.  The Condor Express happily watched this pod in clear water, as the whales had to take a detour around their normal migratory path due to a sailboat racing regatta.  A single whale joined to make a quad pod.  The crew had their attention grabbed by another trio of whales.  This group was further out in deeper water and were spotted because they were breaching.  At this point we were off Hope Ranch and were over-taken by a large herd of at least 600 dolphins. More clear water. As Dave increased his speed, the dolphins took up the chase so all manner of wake waves could be surfed by these agile mammals.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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