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Whale Watch Count May 30th-31st

What a gorgeous weather weekend we fortunately have had in Santa Barbara, and there is so much marine wildlife to be seen right now!

On May 30th the CONDOR Express watched over a dozen Humpback Whales, 5 Rissos Dolphin, and 500 Pacific Whitesided Dolphin.  We also had a very special treat of watching about 150 Northern Right Whales feeding with the other dolphin species. 

Today, May 31st, the CONDOR Express watched about 15 Humpback Whales and over 500 Pacific Whitesided Dolphin.  Attached is a couple of great pictures the crew quickly snapped from a camera phone of the amazing day we had.

Bob Perry, our professional boat photographer, was out with us yesterday, and his photos can be viewed at

The CONDOR Express is scheduled to leave for it's 4 1/2 hour island whale watching tour tomorrow, June 1st, at 10am.  Please call 1-888-77WHALE to make a reservation.

Kind Regards,

The CONDOR Express Crew

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