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Whales for Saturday, March 12

Howdy folks,

A great day on the water.  Things started out with a look at the lingering tidal currents that are still being generated from the Japanese earthquake yesterday….some swirling waters, strong (but not dangerous) currents out in the main channel of the Harbor.  But once outside, pow!  a Gray Whale spout that led us west and was extremely cooperative.  After that, at least 500 common dolphins put on a show and played alongside the Condor Express all the way back to the Harbor.  On the second trip, we headed west and caught the same whale which was now off UCSB, got some good looks, then moved offshore to look for larger species.  Here we found a group of 4 swimming tightly together…one of which had a prominent wound on its back that looked like a possible ship strike…again, en route home….another pod of at least 500 common dolphins moving west at high speeds.  In total, a fabulous day with:

5 Gray Whales 

1,000 Common Dolphins

46 California Sea Lions 

1 Pacific Harbor Seal The mighty parade of northbound Gray Whales, heading back to their feeding grounds is starting to get moving now. You never know what Mother Nature has in store for you in the way of fabulous sightings when you come on board. Make your reservations (9am, 12 noon, or 3pm) now and see the mighty Gray Whales as they migrate back home to Alaska, plus  whatever else is happening out there in our wonderful Channel.  Call 888-77WHALE  or 805-882-0088 to book your trip.

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