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What a nice Day it was !

Two humpback whales kick up their tail flukes simultaneously. Great fun.

What a nice Day it was !

Sun, blue skies, blue water.  What a great combination.  There was a moderate swell from the winds blowing way out in the far west Santa Barbara Channel.   This did not bother the Condor Express, but it did offer some great looks at the long beaked common dolphins surfing the swells all day long.  Fun stuff.  We estimated nearly 1,500 #dolphins around the boat as a total for the day.  Not far south of the offshore oil platforms Captain Dave located the first humpback whale spout.  On spout led to another (a good problem to have) and we ended up watching 8 different #humpback whales.  Two of the 8 were a mom with her calf.  The rest were solitary whales, but for a pair of very large adult whales.  One of the adults breached not too far from our position.  Humpback whales set a course heading towards the Condor Express several times, and others ran a course alongside…great looks.  At one point a pair of whales fluked up together and headed for deep pastures (anchovy schools).  It is “prime time” in our neck of the Channel.

UPDATE:  We will not run a public whale watch tomorrow, Saturday 9/27.  Sunday’s trip still has a few spots left…sign up now!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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