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Wild humpback whales mug Condor Express for an hour

The humpback we call Rope entertained the Condor Express people for over an hour. Photo by Captain Eric

Wild humpback whales mug Condor Express for an hour

Captain Dave reports “the best friendly whale encounter” he can remember on the Condor Express. The Fall humpback whale season in the northeastern Channel looks like it’s getting started with a bang. You may recall that yesterday we saw three humpback whales, that friendly cow-calf pair and a third whale. Today we had two different whales and one of them was our favorite large female humpack whale….Rope. To get back to the original topic, Rope made a straight line run for the Condor Express and proceeded to stay within a few yards of the boat for over an hour. During this magic hour, both Rope and her new pal rolled around, spy hopped, flipped their pectoral fins, stood on their heads and a new behavior: a spy hop pirouette maneuver.

(Did I mention that I had some school work to finish and stayed home?)

The dense fog bank that we had back at the Harbor entrance quickly faded to bright sunny skies. The sea surface was relatively calm, no wind and only a slight bump left over from the west Channel. In addition to the two showboat humpback whales, we had at least 800 common dolphins riding alongside.

SCHEDULE NEWS: No whalewatch trip on Monday. Next trip is Tuesday.

best regards, Bob “bad timing” Perry

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