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Whale Heritage Area

Join us at Condor Express for an unparalleled whale-watching experience in the heart of the Santa Barbara Channel, proudly recognized as one of the world's esteemed Whale Heritage Areas. This prestigious designation, a mark of high-quality, sustainable whale watching and respect for marine wildlife, places us among the elite global destinations for ethical and responsible whale encounters

Experience the Wonder of Whale Watching in the Santa Barbara Channel Whale Heritage Area

Why Sail with Condor Express?



Eco-Friendly Adventures

The Condor Express is a 75-foot, eco-friendly, quad-jet catamaran, offering a stable and comfortable journey. As a Whale Heritage Area partner, we are committed to sustainable practices that protect our marine environment


Year-Round Encounters

We are one of the few operators to offer year-round whale watching, giving you the opportunity to witness different species and behaviors across seasons. From the majestic blue and humpback whales to playful dolphins and porpoises, the Santa Barbara Channel is teeming with life every month of the year​


Beyond Whale Watching

Our tours extend beyond whale watching to include pelagic birding, private parties, and corporate events. Each excursion is tailored to provide a memorable experience in the breathtaking setting of the Santa Barbara Channel​

Embark on a Journey of Discovery

We invite you to be part of this extraordinary experience, where every tour is not just a trip but a step towards understanding and conserving our ocean's wonders. Book your adventure with Condor Express today and join us in celebrating the awe-inspiring beauty of whales in their natural habitat.

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