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THE CONDOR EXPRESS was constructed and delivered to us in 2002. She has showed tens of thousands of passengers the beauty of the Santa Barbara Channel. The CX stands at 71feet in length, with an overall dry weight of ~56 tons. In 2020, it was re-powered with four brand new 700 horsepower Scania Diesel engines, making us faster and more efficient! Specifically designed with wildlife in mind, we are propelled by 4 large Hamilton jets. There are no propellers or sharp rudders underneath our vessel, making us completely whale and dolphin safe!



  • 71-foot-long, 26.5-foot-wide, quad-jet-powered catamaran capable of cruising at 28+ knots

  • Powered by four BRAND NEW, low emission, 700 hp Scania Diesel engines. 

  • Twin wave piercing hulls, feature a modified hydrofoil wing that produces an extremely smooth and stable ride. 

  • U.S. Coast Guard certified and insured to carry up to 127 passengers

  • Features a large and luxurious teak-paneled cabin. Expansive windows allow viewing from inside the cabin, seating for ~60 persons, and 2 Large plasma screen TV's allow passengers to see boats location throughout the channel.

  • Full galley with breakfast and lunch menu. 

  • Complete bar with adult drinks such as cocktails, beer, and wine. 

  • Upper sundeck seating offers unobstructed animal viewing and sight seeing

  • Huge raised bow allows passengers a up-close look at the wildlife=, specifically the dolphins! Be sure to look down when hanging out on the bow, common dolphins love to bow ride!

  • Three full-size rest rooms aboard

  • High-tech Bose audio system projects captain's voice throughout the entirety of the boat. 

  • A large aftdeck provides lots of room for dancing to a DJ or a live band. There is plenty of space for passengers, or educators and researchers to work


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