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8 Humpbacks, 5 Gray Whales and a Mugging !

8 Humpbacks, 5 Gray Whales and a Mugging !

What a day of sighting we had.  Three whale watch trips were conducted today, and here are the results:  On the 9am adventure we closely watched 1 gray whale and 3 humpback whales.  There were some small surface lunge feeding episodes by the humpbacks.  500 common dolphins were also watched.  On the 12 noon trip we saw 2 gray whales and 1 humpback, plus 300 or so common dolphins joined the fun.  Lastly, on our 3pm excursion there were 4 humpback whales, 2 gray whales and some interesting behaviors by the humpbacks.  On smaller humpback whale slammed its tail on the water 5 or 6 times to get some noise and attention going.  Meanwhile 2 other humpback whales “mugged” the Condor Express.  (By “mugged” we mean that the whales left their normal swimming or feeding pattern and made a bee-line towards the boat, came alongside very very closely, and proceeded to roll around and really take a good look at the humans on board.)  This is our first solid mugging of the new Spring season.  There was a marine layer all day today which kept our sea conditions glassy and ideal for a comfortable series of excellent whale sightings.

Tomorrow we are open for public whale watching at 12 noon and again at 3pm. You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Best regards, Bob Perry Condor Express

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