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A large aggregation of humpback whales and dolphins

2017 07-20 SB Channel

Out of the several dozen humpback whales in the area today, the Condor Express closely followed 10.  In addition, we had long-beaked common dolphins locate us in pods ranging in size from 50 to several hundred each, with a total estimated number around 1,500.  Sea conditions were a little bumpy from winds in the outer channel, but it was sunny and the water was that very clear Santa Barbara cobalt color.

Captain Dave went out a few miles from Santa Barbara harbor and headed west. He encountered group after group of dolphins from the Mesa all the way up past Holly.  Southwest of Holly a larger hotspot was located and in addition to the hundreds of active dolphins, shearwaters, pelicans and California sea lions, dozens of humpback whale spouts began to show.  Dave took his time to make the ride as stable as possible, and had great looks at the whales.  A smaller adult whale approached the boat and was very friendly.

By the afternoon the ocean had become flat and calm, at least in the northern Santa Barbara Channel.  The ride home was sunny and wonderful.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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