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A trip to Cuyler Harbor, San Miguel Island and blue whales too.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Daily Whale and Dolphin Report:

Here are the species we watched closely today: 2 Blue Whales 1100 Common Dolphins 10 Dall’s Porpose 20+ Northern Elephant Seals (on the beach) Hundreds of California sea lions (on the beach)

NOTES: A wonderful adventure to the far west Channel and San Miguel Island today, including a visit to beautiful Cuyler Harbor. Near Cuyler, we spotted dozens of huge northern sea elephants hauled out on the beach, along with hundreds of California sea lions. What a sight. Sea conditions were great for such a trip. Just outside Cuyler and San Miguel we watched two giant blue whales. The first blue whale was being escorted by a cadre of Dall’s porpoise. This was indeed a rare treat.

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Bob Perry

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