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A Windy Day on the Coast Yields Great Cetacean Action

2015 04-25 SB Coast

Captain Eric took the help of the Condor Express and commanded two excursions today, 9 am and 12 noon. The day was overcast and started out pretty calm, but the trailing edge of a northern California storm front moved in and things got a bit more windy as the hours past. None the less, the sharp-eyed dedicated crew provided excellent sightings on both trips.

9am. We followed a mother – calf pair of gray whales from Santa Barbara Harbor west along Shoreline Drive.   The pair held tight to the beach and good looks were had, especially when the seas were a bit more calm at the start of the excursion. Two pods of long-beaked common dolphins, one 25 or so and the other 75, also added to the cetacean fun.

12 noon. A total of 6 gray #whales consisting of 3 mothers and calves were watched in bumpy seas from the Harbor up to Hendry’s Beach.   The first pair were rather steady and all business. The second pair, however, included a great series of antics and acrobatics by the calf.   This included several full body breaches, lots of rolling around and some complimentary bubble blasts in the surf zone. About this time two things happened, a third pair of gray whales came into the picture and at least 10 bottlenose dolphins showed up.   Soon the #dolphins were interacting with the whales and that put the icing on a great excursion.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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