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Beware of the Hungry Humpbacks !

Captain Eric took this iPhone pic of our pal Rope surface lunge feeding on an anchovy school near the coast. I think that’s “Indiana Jones Augie’s” hand. photo: Capt Eric

Beware of the Hungry Humpbacks !

Less than a mile from Santa Barbara Harbor about 7 or so humpback whales had all the anchovies balled up and on the surface in shallow water.  Those same innocent humpbacks we’ve been watching all week, including Rope, suddenly turned into giant feeding machines.  Anchovies were flying everywhere.  Rope won first prize for the highest vertical lunge with at least half of her body out of the water.  The rest of the humpback whales gave it their best shot too.  Naturally, the area was also full of common dolphins, California sea lions and sea bird masses.  It was not a good time to be an anchovy.

Onward to the painted cave on Santa Cruz island with tons of common dolphins all the way across the Santa Barbara Channel.  Captain Eric (who took the photo above) estimated at least 3,000 #dolphins over all today.  It was a spectacular calm, sunny day with clear visibility both above and below the water line.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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