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Big white patch

2016 05-02 SB Coast

12 noon Six gray whales consisting of 3 mother-calf pairs, all along the kelp highway from the Harbor west to Gaviota.  One mom had a huge white patch…similar but larger than whales I photographed in 2014 and 2015.  Another thing that happened was a mother growled while spouting and it was immediately echoed by her calf.  It was almost like a humpback trumpet blow, but deeper and rougher.  I kept wondering what that would sound like under water.

3 pm One cow-calf pair followed from the Lighthouse up to More Mesa.  Six bottlenose dolphins near Goleta pier.  Offshore 1/2 mile there were 25 Pacific white-sided dolphins.  Windy but no swell on it.

You never know… Bob Perry

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