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Blue whales !!

Blue whales !!

Sunny skies dominated the scene today and the trip out to the feeding grounds included a ride-along with at least 500 common dolphins.  On the grounds we encountered 5 giant blue whales, one of which was not so giant because it was part of a mother-calf pair.  Junior was less than half the length of mom, and swam under, around and on top of her.  Feeding was subsurface and down times averaged about 7 minutes.  Several surfacing events were close to the Condor Express and everyone on board got great looks at these beasts in the clear blue water.  At one point there was a single #humpback that came directly towards the bow of the boat, dove down and came up again about 200 yards astern.  The #bluewhales definitely stole the show.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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