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Condor Express Whale Sightings

On Friday, April 30, the CONDOR Express ran 1 coastal whale watching excursion, which departed at 9am.  We watched a total of 2 friendly Humpback Whales, over 300 Common Dolphin, sealions, and various bird species.

The CONDOR Express is privately chartered on Saturday, May 1.

Sunday, May 2, the CONDOR Express will begin running our 4 1/2 hour Island Whale watching excursions, targeting the Humpback and Blue whales in our Santa Barbara Channel.  $5 off coupons for these trips can be found in most local Hotels and tourist information desks.  

Please call us at 1-888-77WHALE if you have any further information regarding these trips or if you would like to make a reservation.

Kind Regards,

The CONDOR Express Crew

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