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Fin whale bigger than blue whale

2016 06-21 SB Channel

The record-breaking heat that cooked the inland regions yesterday brought temperate conditions with a few areas of low stratus interspersed with clearings.  Captain Eric took the Condor Express on a southwesterly heading with good sea conditions and  had to stop in The Lanes for a large 500-strong group of long-beaked common dolphins.  They rode the bow and stern waves and looked up at their fans on the boat.  Soon a single humpback passed through the area and we followed along at a respectable distance getting good looks.  A bit later, two more humpbacks, both traveling along like the first, were watched.  The stratus filled in  so Eric moved the boat.

Before long he had located a small blue whale and a large fin whale.  The fin whale is the second largest animal species alive on Earth, but this one was larger than the blue whale which is the largest animal species.  Poetic justice.  The fin whale logged on the surface for a long time and drifted up near the Condor Express so unusually great close up looks were had.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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