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Four Humpback Whales Including a Mother and Calf

2015 09-30 SB Channel

Four Humpback Whales Including a Mother and Calf

September goes out with a big bang. Like yesterday, only worse, the strong winds and seas from the west made the spout-finding navigation a challenge for Captain Dave and his skilled crew.  It was not dangerous, but is may have been a bit uncomfortable for those susceptible.  Dave knew there was a hot spot (from yesterday) up on The Ledge at Santa Rosa, but he also knew there was no making any headway on that course.   Putting his faith in his decades on the ocean and a lot of trust in Mother Nature, Dave took the Condor Express east and put the winds and swells behind the boat.   Think surfing USA on an 85-foot twin hull surfboard.

Before long there were at least four humpback whales including a mother and calf. Likewise two Minke whales were spotted and one of them surfed the swells right alongside the Condor. What a sight.   Little pods of long-beaked common dolphins were scattered here and there and, of course, watching them surf the big open ocean waves is always a treat. The four humpback whales including a mother and calf stole the show.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

Special note:   Tomorrow’s trip has been cancelled due to rough seas.

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