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Four large gray whales

2017 03-03 SB Coast

Captain Dave and his crew reported watching four large gray whales today.  Here is the story:  It was a “drop-dead gorgeous” day in our neck of the Santa Barbara Channel.  Winds were calm and the air was so clear one could see all 4 Channel Islands sharply.  The ocean surface was mill pond flat and glassy.

The first two whales were located a few miles outside the harbor.  The pair were sub-adults, not fully grown (by our estimates).  Thee whales settled in alongside and slightly ahead of the Condor Express and stuck to their speed and dive pattern.  The two came close a couple of times and also showed their tail flukes quite often.

Dave then looped offshore to the 50-fathom curve and continued his northbound explorations.  Around UCSB two more large whales were spotted.  This pair was watched for a while between Campus Point and Coal Oil Point (aka, Counter Point, home of the northbound gray whale census for the Santa Barbara region).  Due to the glassy surface conditions the natural oil seepage was very visible and created shiny, colorful patterns on the water.

We ran along the beach all the way back home and clean looks at the giant kelp forests, the bluff top parks and the multitude of magnificent homes.  Thoughts of our four large gray whales were with us all the way.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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