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Gray whales and humpbacks too

2016 02-19 SB Channel

Captain Eric ran two trips today with great success.   Here are the details:

9am Deckhand Auggie found 1 gray whale just outside the harbor and we followed it north for a while with great looks for all. We next moved southeast near Habitat and this time is was 4 humpback whales heading west. There were a few tail throws and a couple of close and friendly approaches to the Condor Express. Approximately 20 long-beaked common dolphins (total count) were around in small groups to ride the boat wake. There was a south wind which came around to the west later in the day, and about a 3 foot swell.   Skies were sunny and bright.

12noon Just off Shoreline Drive we located the first two (of 5 total) gray whale of the trip. It was not more than a half mile off the beach and was easy to follow. Next we pushed out to the 50-fathom curve and located 2 more gray whales. All the gray whales are heading west now, which is how you get back to Alaska if you are a whale in the Santa Barbara Channel. Finally, we had our last gray whale sighting of the trip on the way back to the Harbor.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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