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Gray Whales in the Wind

2016 01-24 SB Channel

The rainstorm that left us high and dry yesterday brought the usual windy after effects today. The Santa Barbara Channel had been under a Small Craft Warning during the night, but the forecast was for winds and seas to subside in the morning and that it did…enough to get a great trip off the docks and in the books.

Captain Eric headed out and quickly located a pod of about 50 long-beaked common dolphins playing in the waves around the 50-fathom curve. Per usual the whale fans loved it when the little cetaceans rode the bow and stern and jumped around in the swells.

From here the Condor Express ran south towards Chinese Harbor on Santa Cruz Island and located 2 adult gray whales migrating along the face of the island. These were very regular in their up and down times, and actually surfaced near the boat twice for extra friendly and special sightings.   Eric continued with these gray whales as they moved east. Tail flukes were abundant.

The trip home was a little bit bumpy, but everyone was happy to have had such good encounters.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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