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Grays, humpbacks and dolphins

2017 03-30 SB Coast

Grays, humpbacks and dolphins today! Captain Eric headed up the coast and steered a course that proved very rich in cetaceans. The 9am departure was the only cruise today because the strong winds that had buffeted the mid-Channel finally swept in and created less than ideal sea conditions for the afternoon.  But what a glorious 9am excursion it was!  Two gray whales, eight humpback whales and at least 100 long-beaked common dolphins were seen.

As the Condor Express left the harbor winds were light and sea conditions were moderate.  Eric took the boat up the coast and finally got great looks at a pair of gray whales near Isla Vista reef.  After a nice time with the grays, the next stop was a few miles south of Campus Point where a large teeming hot spot was under attack.  The spot was initially located, as most are, by thousands of hungry sea birds circling the area, diving, lunging and crashing.  Here two groups of four (each) humpback whales were watched as they were engaged in surface feeding.  This is something pretty rare to see, but spring is one of those times it can happen more often.  A herd of dolphins soon joined the feeding frenzy and the grays, humpbacks and dolphins shared the oceanic banquet table.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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