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Harbor Closure – Update

This green buoy is supposed to mark the safe passage channel.

This marker warns of shoaling. I guess a few inches of water is still considered shoaling.

Harbor dredge barge, La Encina, working 24/7 to clear the sand out of the harbor entrance.

2016 02-26 SB Channel

Temporary closure of Santa Barbara Harbor

The Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol and US Coast Guard have closed Santa Barbara Harbor effective yesterday (Thursday, Feb 25) around noon.   Although the main channel into and out of the harbor was very narrow, the recent episode of high surf brought more sand into the zone and has made the mouth of the harbor too shallow for safe passage. (Signs around the harbor state that it is actually a felony to attempt passage at this time.)

La Encina, the harbor dredge, has been operating in since Monday, but expect it will take until late NEXT Sunday (Feb. 28) or Monday (Leap Day) to clear the channel. All scheduled whale watching trips are suspended through Sunday, and I will keep you posted if they get things fixed for Monday’s trips.

You never know…

Bob Perry Condor Express

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