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Humpback Whale Behavior Clinic – MUST SEE!

Humpback Whale Behavior Clinic

Again today our local north Channel humpback whales put on a behavior clinic for the Condor Express whale watchers. Operating under the new humpback policy of “no anchovy left behind,” there was enormous amounts of surface lunge gobbling going on. Sally the naturalist reported the “sound of intense rain” as the silvery little bait fish attempted to flea for their lives in spite of the huge baleen-rimmed jaws of death. Other behaviors included several full body breaches by our friend Rope and her pal. The two next mugged a small boat that followed the Condor Express everywhere she went like an annoying gnat buzzing next to your ear. The small boat mugging was photogenic, but did not last very long as Rope and friend left and came over to her big twin hull aluminum buddy. As if somebody raised the curtain on a stage, they began the same very close up spy hopping and twirling around that happened two days ago. The naturalist on board that trip had to caution Condor Express passengers not to touch the knobby headed beasts, they were so close…and again today. In total, six humpback were seen today.

In addition to the master show stoppers described above, four Minke whales and about 500 common dolphins rounded out the cetacean count for one of the most magnificent Fall days on the Channel we can remember in years.

Why are you reading this? You should be calling (805) 882-0088 and buying a ticket while the show is in town.

Best Bob Perry

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