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Humpback whale pair mugs Condor Express

Captain Eric reports a slightly breeze today out on the Santa Barbara Channel but still sighted at least 6 humpback whales. Out of the 6 total sightings in the area, 2 of the humpback whales were extremely friendly and garnered most of the time and attention today. Using humpback tricks such as swimming back and forth under the boat, coming along side and blasting their spouts at everyone, laying down some nice under water bubble streams, the two whales mugged the Condor Express for nearly an hour. You might check our FaceBook page, as our FaceBook guru, Bernardo, was on board with his mighty Nikon today.

In addition to the humpback whale mugging, there were 3 close Minke whales. The common dolphins thinned out a bit today with scattered mini-pods of 2 and 3, leading to a total somewhere between 50 and 75 dolphins.

It was a wild adventure in the eastern Channel.

As a reminder, we are not running on Mondays and Tuesdays now, so the next open public whale watch will be Wednesday, 10am – 230pm. Hope to see you soon. Tell ’em Bob sent you.

Bob Perry Condor Express

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