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humpback whales, blue whale, lots of dolphins

2017 08-18 SB Channel

Captain Eric reported 8* humpback whales, 1* blue whale, and 1,600 long-beaked common dolphins today. Again conditions were ideal with sunny skies and Santa Barbara cobalt clear water. All of the action was in the vicinity of the mid-Channel buoy.

The hot spot today, as reported yesterday, was fueled by massive schools of northern anchovies. Sea birds, California sea lions, dolphins and humpback whales were all sharing the same bounty. There were at least 14* humpbacks in the zone, near the buoy, and we were able to closely watch 8.

As Eric moved further to the southern edge of the hot spot and into The Lanes, the giant blue whales made their appearance. There were at least 4* giant blues in the area, and we closely observed one of them.

Eric mentioned, again, how the water clarity greatly enhanced the experience through the ability to see the giants as they swam below the surface.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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