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Humpbacks feeding, a Minke whale and lots of dolphins

Humpbacks feeding, a Minke whale and lots of dolphins

Well, it’s now 12/21 and the humpback whales are still out here feeding on anchovy schools alongside all the seabirds and common dolphins.  Captain Eric headed out of Santa Barbara Harbor and before too long deckhand Augie spotted humpback spouts.   The Condor Express stayed with these animals for more than an hour as the #whales continued to make shallow sub-surface feeding runs.   Black-vented shearwaters were also seen diving down in the clear blue water to attach the bait fish.   Among the 3 closely watched humpback whales was our pal “Scarlet,”  a whale with propeller scars.  The total number of long-beaked common dolphins was estimated at 250, and we had a Minke whale join the feeding and made some passes close to the boat.  Great looks were had in less than optimal ocean conditions.   The winds were blowing from the west against a prevailing current from the east, which caused the surface chop to stand up a bit.  An exhilarating day.

Our next public whale watch trip is Friday, December 26. On behalf of everyone over here at the Condor Express, I wish each and every one of you a happy holiday season.

Bob Perry

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