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In the midst of gray whale season: Two Humpbacks !

In the midst of gray whale season:  Two Humpbacks !

The Condor Express headed south out of Santa Barbara Harbor again today, in an attempt to reach the gray whales still migrating southbound in and around the Santa Cruz Channel (between Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands).  Weather reports and friendly warnings on the VHF told us that it was already quite windy and bumpy out there.  So it was rather interesting and fortuitous to happen upon 2 full grown humpback whales by chance today.  After watching these two knobby headed monsters, it was obvious that the “Fall Season” conditions were still prevalent in the northeastern Channel waters.  Clear blue water with stupendous northern anchovy schools were being hit by all sorts of predatory sea birds and at least 600 long beaked common dolphins.  The rivers of silvery fish frequently wound around under the boat so everyone on board had clear views of these living streams of fish.  In addition to gorging themselves, the two humpback whales added to the show by fluking up on almost every deep dive.  The winds were calmer and sea conditions much smoother on the northern side of the Channel, and it turned out to be a feeding frenzy kind of day.

Our quest for southbound gray whales ends soon and on February 15 we start patrolling the coastal zone for the beginning of the northbound parade. Of course, you never know what Mother Nature will bring…

Hope to see you on board soon, Bob Perry Condor Express

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