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It was a good day for cetacean searching.

2017 05-11 SB Coast

Four gray whales, 1 humpback whale and 200 long-beaked common dolphins were seen today.  Captain Eric and his crew ran two excursions out of SEA Landing in Santa Barbara.  Skies were clear and sunny.  Seas had a fair breeze but not much swell on top of it.  It was a good day for cetacean searching.

12 noon We left Santa Barbara Harbor and headed west to Campus Point.  Here we encountered a mother gray whale and her calf.  Great sightings were to be had of this northbound pair.

3 pm The first sighting was a mother gray whale and her calf.  This pair was first located at the Blue House (Hope Ranch), and was followed as it head up the coast.  A large herd of dolphins swimming at high speed, heading west, was the next species we encountered.  Finally, our deckhand and part time Captain, Tasha, located the tall spout of a single humpback whale south of Platform C.  As the afternoon progressed the winds became a bit more moderate.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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