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Lots of humpbacks and dolphins today.

Lots of humpbacks and dolphins today.

Today was the #humpback and #dolphin show.  Sea conditions in the Santa Barbara Channel were very good…calm surface and a thin overcast that broke to sun as the trip progressed.  Out of the harbor there was an initial interaction with about 500 common dolphins as we headed for the southeastern feeding grounds again.  Out near the commercial shipping lanes we encountered the first 3 of a total 7 humpback whales.  This was a mother-calf pair plus a third whale.  Soon a second mother-calf humpback pair was on the scene, ant the groups joined to make a 5 whale pod.  They were all very friendly and approached the boat on numerous occasions as we stood motionless in the water making our observations.  Later a tour of the eastern end of Santa Cruz Island, including the picturesque Potato Harbor, gave everyone a nice look at the late Spring conditions at our largest offshore island.  Heading home there were 2 more humpback whales and a HUGE megapod of at least 1,500 common dolphins to round out the fantastic trip sightings.  Wow.  What a day!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store, Bob Perry Condor Express

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