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Lots of humpbacks, loads of dolphins

2019 05-29 SB Channel

Sunny skies, calm seas, and great sightings! Totals for the day included 7+ humpback whales, and 1000 long-beaked common dolphins. There were many more whales in the area that we did not have time to visit.

Once again the Santa Barbara Channel was rich with feeding humpbacks. Things got started right away just south of Campus Point where there were several whales and about 300 dolphins feeding on anchovies. Even though the water wasn’t especially clear one could still see the schools of little fish and the dolphins passing through.

Moving further southeast there were several more spots of bait in the water with humpback whales, sometimes singles, sometimes doubles, but all diving down to feed just beneath the surface. Another much larger pod of dolphins came through as well.

On the way home we found a pair of humpback whales lunge-feeding on the surface. It was quite a dramatic sight. Wow!

You never know what Mother Nature has in store.

Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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