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Mill Pond Flat and Glassy Seas All Day Long

2015 03-14 SB Coast

The original Condor “Big Bird” ran 3 trips at 2½ hours each today.   My Gawd it was such fantastic weather and sea conditions.   Both of the first two trips (9am and 12 noon) had Mill Pond flat glass Beaufort Zero conditions with very warm sun and clear but hazy skies. On the morning run we viewed 8 gray whales, a pod of 3 whales and then a very nice pod of 5 #whales. The whales appeared suspended in space as they slowly migrated northbound in the crystal blue waters that merged with the dreamy skies. These were all adult whales of various sizes. We also paid a visit to at least 250 long-beaked common dolphins and, again, they were spectacular given the great conditions.

At noon we headed out to the southwest and ran into another pod of five gray whales. These were pretty much all about migrating in a straight line to the west and spent most of their time on the surface or very near it. A wonderful encounter. Only 5 long-beaked #dolphins on this trip.

The 3pm adventure two pods of gray whales, duo and a trio, were observed about two miles off Hope Ranch. These were “snorkelers,” whales that hardly show anything but bubbles.   Luckily the day was so nice everyone still had good lucks at the spouts in the crystal clear water.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS   I’ll get the trip photos from today online sometime tomorrow.

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