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Nine Humpback Whales Include a Friendly Calf

Captain Dave captured this iPhone image of 2 friendly humpback whales today.

Nine Humpback Whales Include a Friendly Calf

The NOAA/NWS Marine forecast for today was for light and variable winds and calm seas.  In reality, there were moderate winds that became blustery later in the afternoon with some exhilarating fresh air all around with salt spray added.  No matter.  Captain Dave quickly got the Condor Express situated on 9 nice, friendly humpback whales that included a mother-calf pair.    When I say “friendly,”  I mean ALL 9 whales came around and introduced themselves.  And the little calf was particularly curious and seemed eager to make introductions.  The show included one big breach, but with that many whales so close all around, it was one heck of a #whalewatch today.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store Bob Perry Condor Express

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