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Nine southbound grays and endless common dolphins!

2020 02-09 SB Channel

Gorgeous conditions prevailed in The Channel and it was especially calm out near the island which also had crystal clear blue water. All this made great cetacean spotting and watching conditions. Totals for the day included 9 Pacific gray whales and 3500+ long-beaked common dolphins. As has been the case for about a week now, we weren’t too far out from the harbor when we ran into the first megapod of dolphins. There was lots of activity, some feeding, some rapid swimming in leaping…and of course, some great surfing along our boat wake waves. A second megapod with similar behavior was located as we reach The Lanes. Captain Colton took everyone on a nice tour of Santa Cruz Island as he moved to the west in search of migratory gray whales. Before long, a nice group of four gray whales on their way south to Baja California we’re located. Watching was spectacular due to the crystal clear blue water mentioned above. There were nice tail flukes too!

Just a little bit further to the west a second group of five whales, heading south, was located and watched closely. There was nothing too fancy today…just some really great sightings with clear water and the island close by in the background.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express, and

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