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Oily Glass

2016 05-04 SB Coast

A few stratus wisps were all that remained of the fog we had yesterday, and they underlaid a much higher layer of cotton ball cumulus.  The sky, along with absolutely no wind, created a sea state zero that might best be described as oily glass that got even more oily as we passed Campus Point and headed west past the seeps.

12 noon Dave took the Condor Express along the kelp highway almost to the Elwood Oil Pier.  We started following a pair of gray whales…a mother and her calf…at the outer edge of the kelp at Coal Oil Point.  The pair maintained their course and speed and had very short down times.  The mother fluked-up on almost every dive, which is unusual, and the reflection of both animals on that oily glass ocean surface was breath-taking.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

PS  We resume our 4½-hour island whale watching next Monday.

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