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One of the twelve humpback whales goes berserk

12 humpbacks 2,000+ common dolphins 2 sunfish (Mola mola)

That cunning and veteran sea captain, Mat, steered the Condor Express right into a humpback whales haven today down east of our usual haunts. Here, says Mat, they observed a gold mine of humpback whales, and one that was a bit “berserk.” Apparently, and I say “apparently” because as usual I had things that caused me to not be there in person (sigh), this whale breached 8 or 10 times near the boat. Then is slapped its pectoral flippers around and made a big scene. Then it approached the boat for personal introductions.

When will I learn how to leave the errands and chores alone and just get out there! Bob Perry Condor Express

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