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Outstanding sea conditions for whale watching AGAIN !!

Two humpback whales, side by side, visit the Condor Express.

Outstanding sea conditions for whale watching AGAIN!!

These wonderful Fall whale watching conditions just keep on rolling along. Hardly a breath of wind, glassy surface, blue water and blue skies with warm sun. Right out of the harbor we encountered about 8 inshore bottlenose dolphins and ran with them through the East Beach anchorage. One of the large bottlenose was being kept company by a California sea lion and the two “porpoised” alongside the Condor Express for quite a while together.

Just south of the oil rigs we came into a hot spot full of birds, dolphins an a few Minke whales. It was a spectacular sight. Moving a mile or so to the southeast from this hot spot we had our first humpback whale of the day. It was a single whale that kept moving ahead on a straight path with nice surface times and good tail flukes throughout. The keen eyes and binocular skills of the crew soon had more activity in sight, a few more miles to the east. Here we came upon a massive hot spot full of more seabirds, dolphins and Minke whales. Two more humpback whales came in to enjoy the banquet.

When all things were done and we were heading home, the total counts were somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 bottlenose dolphins, 3 humpback whales, 6 or 8 Minke whales, and about 800 common dolphins. Wow. What a fantastic Sunday in the Fall.

Hope to see you soon Bob Perry Condor Express

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