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Sea Otter at Isla Vista

2016 03-28 SB Channel

Strong winds blew from the west and created a very fresh air environment for our 9 am whale watch excursion with Captain Eric at the helm.  The winds created a moderate amount of chop with white caps, so with wind blowing any whale spouts asunder, then the difficulty of telling a spout from whitecaps, the trip did present a challenge for the crew.  Nonetheless, there were an amazing number of cetacean species located under the circumstances:  2 gray whales, 20 Pacific white-sided dolphins,  5 long-beaked common dolphins,  5 inshore bottlenose dolphins.  It was the one non-cetacean species that stole the show this morning as sharp-eyed Eric located one adult sea otter in the kelp beds off Isla Vista.  Great looks were had by all.   The trip home was calm and sunny compared to the westerly route taken earlier.

You really otter go whale watching soon ! Bob Perry Condor Express

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