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The Channel was rich with common dolphins and humpback whales

2017 09-20 SB Channel

The Santa Barbara Channel was rich with long-beaked common dolphins, humpback whales and California sea lions.  Captain Dave and his crew closely watched 12* whales and at least 2,500 dolphins.  There was a high cloud layer and moderate seas.

The life started about 7 miles southwest of Santa Barbara harbor and continued well into The Lanes.  Whales were mixed with feeding dolphins throughout this region.  On the way to Santa Cruz Island 9 humpbacks were watched and over 1,000 dolphins too.  *More humpbacks were seen in the near distance.

Dave took the boat along the northern sea cliffs of Santa Cruz Island and into the mouth of the world-famous Painted Cave.  He discussed the geological and human history of the island, its terrestrial life and modern restoration efforts…a talk well worth a good listen.

On the way home, more than 1,000 additional dolphins were watched and 3 whales close watched in the mix.  *Dave estimates there could have been around 20 whales in the immediate area, and of those we closely watched and reported 12.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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