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The gray whale migration is heating up – 13 watched closely today.

2018 03-04 SB Coast – The mighty Condor Express ran two trips today.  The first trip left the SEA Landing dock at 9am, the second at 12 noon.  Both were exceptional trips. Sightings for the day included:  13 gray whales (one was kelping) and 475 long-beaked common dolphins.  It was drop-dead gorgeous and the calm seas of the Santa Barbara Channel were juxtaposed against the snowy peaks of the back country.

Our first encounter was with a small pod of dolphins as we left the harbor.  They found us and kept us company as we moved west to locate coastal gray whales.  In total, 6 gray whales were closely watched, and they travelled in pairs.  One juvenile in the mix stopped and did some kelping…always a thrill !

On the western leg of the trip, near UCSB, a larger and more wide-spread pod of dolphins was actively feeding.

The noon excursion followed a similar route with a single whale located off Ledbetter Beach.  This was followed by 3 additional pairs of whales along the kelp on our way up to Campus Point.  About 75 dolphins greeted us on this second trip.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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