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Tons of whales and bottlenose dolphins

It was Condor Express class reunion day on board the Condor, as Captain Dave ran the show with deckhands Brooke and Matt along for the ride. Oh, and I was there to capture the images (which will be posted up tomorrow afternoon). And the cetaceans did not disappoint anyone…there were at least 13 gray whales, but alas, many were shy. However the bolder whales of the species kept pretty close to the shore and on a regular breathing cycle for easy viewing. Bottlenose dolphins were seen on all three trips today, and on the noon adventure there were 25-30 animals riding our bow and playing with the gray whales for nearly an hour. What a great interaction is was to observe.

It was sunny and the seas were calm. It is supposed to be even better tomorrow and Thursday too. Hope to see you on board. Bob Perry Condor Express


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