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Two wild whale watching trips today!

Two wild whale watching trips today !

First, on the morning trip, we got ourselves into an area of dolphins and birds feeding…perhaps 1,000 common dolphins…everyone feeding on anchovies. In this area there were two mother humpback whales with their calves. We had an amazing sighting and one of the mother-calf pairs came over for a friendly interaction. Add to this morning 5 or 6 Minke whales. It was a blast.

Second, the afternoon trip had even more magical sightings. Another two humpback whales moved into the area along with the 2 pairs from the morning trip. One of the calves breached three times near the boat, and this seemed to foretell a breach by one of the adults that had moved a half mile or so away. Again, everybody was feeding. But the anchovies had created a thick living river and at several points you could look down from the boat and see thousands of their shimmering bodies trying to use the boat as a shield against the whale, dolphin and bird attack. Similar to the morning, another 5 or 6 Minke whales were in the area enjoying all the free food.

We are back on a normal 10am – 230pm schedule tomorrow, Saturday. Hope to see you on board. Best Bob Perry Condor Express

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