Update on Friday’s Killer Whales !

Friday – Killer Whales

Close look at a killer whale spouting. Photo: Bob Perry CondorExpressPhotos.com

Update on Friday’s Killer Whales on the Condor Express!

Our friend and killer whale researcher, Alisa Schulman-Janiger, has looked at the photographs and has provided us the following diagnosis:

“YOUR ORCAS: are the CA122s (Bigg’s/transients)! The new calf is most likely CA122A2. If you had just 5 orcas, it looks like they have lost one juvenile. These whales are not seen very often: good sighting, with a first sighting for this young calf!

Be sure to take a look at these majestic beasts at https://www.condorexpressphotos.com/Other/2013-12-27-SB-Channel-Orcas

It was a fantastic sighting that lasted two hours.

We’re running trips all week, and I hope to see you out there! Happy New Year Bob Perry Condor Express

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