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Watching the whales and dolphins interact with the elements

2017 06-12 SB Channel

2 humpback whales and 1,000 long-beaked common dolphins were closely watched today and it is only through the wonderful boat handling skills of the Condor Express crew that we had such great sightings.  Conditions were a bit windy and bumpy…but doable.  I personally love days like this because is serves to remind me what our marine mammals have to live with in terms of their environment.  It’s not all calm, glassy and perfect.  Watching the whales and dolphins interact with the elements is, to me, just wonderful.

Near the entrance to Santa Barbara Harbor several dozen dolphins came and greeted the boat and did a little people-watching.  Soon a much larger group, a mega-pod, came into view a bit west of our initial sighting.  This pod was actively feeding and sharing the bounty with sea birds and California sea lions.

Moving a bit east two humpback whales, a large one and a small one, came into view.  It was Rope and her calf.  The calf threw its tail a few times to get the myoglobin in its muscles moving.  It was spectacular.

Captain Dave ended the excursion with a circumnavigation of our local offshore oil platforms named C, B, A and Hillhouse.  It was very informative.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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