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11 Humpbacks Close to Home

11 Humpbacks Close to Home

Calm seas and sunny skies prevailed in the Santa Barbara Channel today.  Like yesterday, we located several anchovy hot spot feeding frenzy zones, but today things were happening just 2 1/2 miles out from the Harbor.  In addition to the 11 whales we watched closely, there were many more spouts on other anchovy schools to the south of our location.  In the middle of things there was one mother-calf humpback whale pair, and as we have seen lately, the little calf was very frisky.  It breached once, slapped its pectoral fins, lobbed its tail, rolled over on its back, and seemed to be enjoying its new life in the Pacific Ocean with mom very close.  The hot spots were being worked by numerous seabirds and at least 1,100 common #dolphins too.  The water has cleared up significantly, and with the nice sun overhead we were able to see several instances of humpback whales lunge feeding on the anchovy schools beneath the surface and below the Condor Express.  This was a very rare and spectacular sighting.  Things are looking good for the week ahead and we hope to see you on board enjoying these special cetacean behaviors.

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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