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1100 Dolphins, 19 Humpbacks, and 1 showy Gray

2019 03-16 SB Channel

Blue sky‘s and glassy seas greeted our passengers today on all three trips that left Santa Barbara Harbor. Not only were the conditions fantastic, so was the whale watching! Totals for the day include: 19 humpback whales, 1100 long beaked common dolphin, and 1 gray whale. Smiles all the way around.

Second captain Tasha spotted numerous spouts which turned out to be a large congregation of humpbacks about 6 miles outside the harbor. One of them was our old pal “Rope”. Behaviors included several pec slaps, loads of tail flukes, and some nice close visits.

On the noon trip we ran back out and this time washed six humpbacks. Three of them were in a tight group that stove and surfaced together. They also bumped into each other, vocalize quite a bit, and did some rolling around. In the same area there were about 100 dolphins.

On the afternoon trip a single gray whale was spotted because it breached multiple times at a little bit of a distance from the boat. Running offshore we found the humpback whales and watched five of them that were together in one group. These whales were mixed in, and were interacting with, a mega pod of about 1000 dolphins. There was some chasing around, etc

You never know what mother nature has in store.

Bob Perry

Condor Express, and

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