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2 gray whale cow-calf pairs + bottle nose dolphins.

2 gray whale cow-calf pairs + bottle nose dolphins.

We ran one trip out there in the Channel today at high noon.  It was spectacular and we continue to have the privilege of seeing all the mother gray whales parade up the coast to show off their newborn calves.  Most of these calves are only  a few months old and are still nursing.  Like most babies, they do all sorts of fun stuff to watch.  Today there were 2 separate cow-calf pairs.  One was intercepted near the old lighthouse, and the other was in Goleta Bay.  It should be noted that the Goleta pair were joined by 15 or so coastal bottle nose dolphins who paid a lot of attention to the mother gray whale and her calf.  It was great to witness this interspecies interaction.  By the way, the weather and sea conditions continued to be excellent today with gorgeous sunny skies.

Tomorrow all 3 trips are going forward:   9 am, 12 noon and 3 pm. Hope to see you soon… and remember,

You never know what Mother Nature has in store ! Bob Perry Condor Express

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