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2 of the many whales log on surface again today

2 of the many whales log on surface again today

Ideal glassy conditions all day fostered wonderful cetacean viewing opportunities.  Down east we again found common #dolphin masses, at least 2,100 were estimated, along with their big cousins the whales.  Whales included 4 humpbacks (one was Top Notch and another was Rope), and 5 Minke whales.  Of the Minke #whales two were very cooperative and regular in their habits and afforded some rare close looks.  3 of the humpbacks were found in the same general hot zone as was reported yesterday, but the other 2 humpback whales were found in deeper water.  These deep water whales were Rope and the same side kick she had yesterday when they logged on the surface for a long time, in fact we never saw them do anything else.  Today the story of Rope and her pal continued with more logging.  The two logged for a long time then seemed to “wake up,” after which they went on a deeper dive.  Us humans often talk about the “lazy days of summer,” and perhaps it applies to other species too.

The adventure was wrapped up by a great visit to the east end of Santa Cruz Island. Don’t forget to sign up for that all day Cetacean Society trip scheduled to depart at 8 am on Saturday.   []

You never know what Mother Nature has in store. Bob Perry Condor Express

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